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217 Keighley Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD9 4JR
Phone: 01274 547348

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beer :(, youth :), child :|, conversation :(
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18th. December, 2010 by "Anon" :

- Where is admin?! Hope for answer
8th. August, 2001 by "mikeb" :
beer :(, youth :), child :|, conversation :(
- Major overhaul of the interior in July 2001 and now allegedly serving food .. too early to tell how it will pan out. Trying to be trendy and cool, so if that's your taste it might suit. Personally, I'd eat at Orlandos (opposite) every time, so will never try the grub.
Park, Grid Reference SE 149 354, Latitude/Longitude 053 48" 55'N 001 46" 20'W

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